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Sawyer Law Firm Settles Wrongful Death Case in Agricultural Accident

Enterprise, AL — Sawyer Law Firm has settled a wrongful death case on behalf of the family of a Pike County, Alabama, man who was killed in an agricultural accident on a local farm. The man was involved in moving a piece of heavy equipment when a chain securing the equipment broke. The piece of equipment fell on the man, resulting in his untimely death.

“This was a tragic accident that should have never happened,” said Attorney J.P. Sawyer. “This was his first day on the job, and he had been given no training and there was no safety assessment performed prior to the project.” Local law enforcement personnel investigated the incident, but no charges have been filed. “Based upon statements we obtained from other workers who were present, we were able to pin down the facts very quickly,” Sawyer said. “This allowed us to move quickly on the case and secure a resolution for the family without having to file a lawsuit.”

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