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Government Agencies Recommend Better Nursing Home Oversight

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has recently released a report based on data compiled by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which recommends better nursing home oversight.

CMS contracted state surveying agencies to look for nursing home abuse citations, cross-referencing the number of investigative complaints and incidents by state. Overall, they found that abuse citations doubled between 2013 and 2017. In reviewing 2016-2017 sample narratives substantiating citations, they found that physical and mental/verbal abuse were the most common types of misconduct residents suffered, accounting for 46% and 44% of all complaints, respectively. 18% of the abuse reported was sexual in nature. They also found that 58% of incidents were committed by nursing home staff, 30% were committed by residents, and 2% were committed by “Other.”

Based on these findings, the GAO has recommended that CMS should work with state survey agencies to create a nationwide database to track abuse incidents and perpetrator data. They have also suggested that CMS develop and implement stricter guidelines for reporting facility-related incidents, and that law enforcement agencies be notified when abuse accusations occur.

At Sawyer Law Firm, We Fight for the Rights of the Elderly

At Sawyer Law Firm, our Enterprise nursing home abuse attorney is proud to stand up for the rights of the elderly. When nursing home abuse and negligence occur in the state of Alabama, we promise to be there to fight for your loved ones, doing everything in our power to ensure they receive the justice they deserve. Our experienced nursing home abuse lawyer has recovered millions of dollars for clients over the years, including as co-counsel in a landmark 2009 “resident’s rights” case, which resulted in a $4.75 million settlement. We believe that nursing homes that take advantage of those they have been entrusted to care for must be held accountable at all costs.

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