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Sawyer Law Firm Files Dental Malpractice Case

DOTHAN, AL – Sawyer Law Firm LLC has filed a dental malpractice case against a dentist in which it is alleged that the patient was improperly sedated for a dental procedure. The patient underwent “conscious sedation” which involves the administration of sedatives and analgesics. These medications result in the patient becoming drowsy, sleepy, and relaxed during the procedure.

The patient was directed to take the sedatives an hour prior to arriving at the dental office. “Our client was not a proper patient for conscious sedation and he was over-medicated,” says J.P. Sawyer who is handling the case. “He was so sedated when he arrived that the staff had to carry him into the dental office.” The dentist administered additional sedatives once the patient was in the office for the procedure.

As a result of having his unsupported neck extended in the dental chair for 3-4 hours during the procedure, the patient suffered damage to his spinal cord which led to permanent paralysis.

The client is now in a nursing home and requires constant care.

Sawyer says that “many of the dentists who use conscious sedation are not sufficiently trained in this area and do not know how to handle the complications that can arise with this type of sedation. We believe that even a first-year dental student would have known not to proceed with the procedure with the patient in this debilitating condition.”

The case is currently pending in the Circuit Court of Houston County, Alabama.

If you or someone you love was injured due to dental malpractice, turn to the Sawyer Law Firm. Contact us at (334) 539-0604 to set up a free case review.


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