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Sawyer Law Firm Files Six Lawsuits Involving Patient Falls in Healthcare Facilities

Sawyer Law Firm, LLC has filed six (6) lawsuits in the past three months involving patient falls in healthcare facilities. The cases involve injuries and/or deaths sustained from falls in three nursing homes, two senior behavioral units, and a hospital. In all but one case, the patients suffered unattended and unwitnessed falls.  This fact pattern confirms that the nursing staffs at most facilities are understaffed. 

Medical research confirms a substantial increase in mortality for elderly individuals following a fall with a fracture. In many cases, the immobility that results from the fall triggers a down-hill decline, which often leads to depression, incontinence, contractures, and bedsores. 

We would love the opportunity to work with you and your clients in cases involving falls at healthcare facilities. Please feel free to contact J.P. to discuss the facts of any potential case. Call us at (334) 475-3213 and email us at   


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