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Sawyer Law Firm Settles Product Liability Case

ENTERPRISE, AL – Sawyer Law Firm recently resolved a case involving a defective dental drill. While the dentist was performing a routine procedure with the drill, the head of the drill exploded. As a result, the drill chuck and dental bur were discharged into the patient’s mouth. The patient aspirated the drill bit into her lung, and she had to undergo a complicated medical procedure to remove the bit from her lung.

“In discovery in the case, we learned that the drill had been serviced by a dental handpiece repair company just two weeks prior to the incident,” said J.P. Sawyer.

“Instead of using a replacement chuck from the manufacturer of the drill, the repair company ordered a cheaper, after-market part which was substandard.”

The manufacturer of the handpiece inspected it and determined that it had failed as a result of the substandard parts. The dentist was totally unaware of the fact that after-market parts had been used to service the handpiece.

“It would surprise a lot of people to learn the extent to which substandard replacement parts make their way into the products we use in everyday life,” Sawyer said. This case involved multiple defendants and was resolved after substantial discovery.


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