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Sawyer Law Firm Settles Texting Accident Case

GAINESVILLE, FL – Sawyer Law Firm recently settled a personal injury case involving a serious motor vehicle accident that occurred on I-75 just outside of Gainesville, FL. The driver of the vehicle who caused the accident was “texting” while driving at a high rate of speed in the southbound lane of traffic.

The driver did not notice that the vehicle in the lane ahead of her was slowing for traffic, and she rear-ended the vehicle in front of her causing a chain-reaction pile-up. The occupant of the vehicle struck by the distracted driver suffered serious injuries. Sawyer Law Firm was able to obtain a six-figure policy limits settlement on behalf of this client.

The driver of the vehicle which caused the wreck was also charged with a criminal offense under Florida law related to distracted driving.

“We handle a lot of motor vehicle accident cases, and we are seeing more and more cases that involve texting,” said J.P. Sawyer who represented the client in this case.

“This is a huge safety issue that is costing a lot of lives on the roadway,” said Sawyer.

A Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that reaching for a phone, dialing, and other use of portable devices increased the risk of getting into a crash by three times. “The statistics are staggering – this is an important safety issue that deserves serious attention by our government and common sense by everyone using the roadways,” Sawyer said.


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